A Prescott man accused of killing his mom and one of her friends was arrested in Phoenix last night. 51-year-old Jerry Wells was arrested after police tracked credit card transactions made with 75-year-old Anita Wells’ card. Deputy Prescott Police

Chief Andrew Reinhardt says Wells gave out information only the killer would know. “He basically knew details of the case that only the suspect would only know.” Besides Anita Wells, 47-year-old Jodi Reed was slain. Reinhardt said police were called yesterday after a relative reported Anita Wells had missed an appointment. 51-year-old Mark Potter was also critically wounded, allegedly by Jerry Wells. Reinhardt says police don’t have an exact motive, but have some ideas on why Wells committed the crimes. “He lived at the residence with Anita, and apparently the arrangements were not working out properly and he was told to find another place to reside.” Reinhardt says Jerry Wells may have had a history of drug use.  
Mike Sauceda