G-O-P Presidential candidate Rand Paul asked a crowd of supporters at Arizona State University Friday if they want to be left alone. The Kentucky Senator says, he does, because the problem of Big Brother snooping into the lives of innocent citizens has become rampant and our liberty is suffering.

The topic dominated his speech at a campaign rally before the relatively small but vocal crowd. He told them the government has “no damn business” going through your phone records or other personal information. Paul reminded the crowd he sued President Obama for activity he says violated the fourth amendment and noted an appellate court this week ruled the probing was illegal. 

Paul, chiding those defending the exploration of citizen records on grounds of national security, argues, if you want to fight home grown terrorists such as the Phoenix ISIS operatives, the old fashioned way still works: serve a warrant.

Paul is the second presidential candidate to swing into Arizona this week. Republican Marco Rubio was here earlier this week for a campaign fundraiser.

–Barbara Villa