riot 2Grand jury indictments bring charges against 11 inmates allegedly involved in a July 1 disturbance at the Arizona State prison in northwest Arizona. The Mohave County Attorney’s Office said the convicts held at the minimum security Cerbat Unit of the prison located in Golden Valley face a mix of charges including criminal damage, destruction of a public jail and aggravated assault on corrections officers.

The Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) said five officers suffered minor injuries when assaulted by inmates after the officers tried to intervene in a dispute among inmates. Another officer suffered a minor injury while hiding in a ceiling area during the melee, according to the ADC.

Two officers were treated on scene and four were transported to Kingman Regional Medical Center.

The indicted convicts are among hundreds of inmates who were shipped out to various holding facilities in more than one state after days of rioting left portions of the prison uninhabitable. Prosecutor Rod Albright said those indicted will be returned to Mohave County for arraignment hearings scheduled October 19 and 20.

The identifies of the inmates are withheld until authorities are certain each has been served their indictment paperwork.

Albright said he intends to bring additional indictments against other inmates involved in July 2 and 4 riots at the prison’s medium security Hualapai Unit. He also said many more inmates engaged in criminal activity but will not be charged as they cannot be identified because the criminal damage rampage put surveillance systems and cameras out of order.

The ADC has laid blame at the feet of the Management and Training Corporation, the Utah-based company that operates the prison under contract with the state. The ADC intends to reassign the contract to a new operator and continues to evaluate four firms that have expressed interest in managing the prison.

Spokesman Andrew Wilder said the ADC hopes to select a new operator before the end of the month. He said repair efforts continue at the prison and that it is not yet known how much they’ll cost or how long it will take before the work is completed.

Wilder said the 4th of July weekend riots in Golden Valley also  prompted ADC assessments of the operations of five other privately operated prisons in Arizona. He said reports involving those efforts should be completed and made public in coming weeks.