4260660178_b1183f8580_bA Judge several times remarked that a defendant displayed an “attitude” during his January 9 change of plea hearing in Mohave County Superior Court. Chadwick Miller,  scoffed, shuffled and used the word “unfortunately” to describe his plight throughout the hearing. Even Miller’s defense attorney Carlene Lacy bristled by Miller’s remarks to the Court. Miller told Judge Steve Conn that his attorney did not explain to him the parameters of the agreement. Lacy defended herself at the end of the hearing stating it was the first time in 18 years of appearances before Judge Conn that her own client threw her under the bus. Lacy noted that she repeatedly tried to detail the deal to Miller, but that he blew her off, said he understood it and that she needn’t bother. Miller pled guilty to a single count of burglary while an array of other charges were dismissed. Miller and co-defendant Jason Ross, both from Riverside, California, were charged in an August 9, 2013 incident in Lake Havasu City. Prosecutor Jeremy Huss said Miller and Ross posed as probation officers to gain access to an apartment unit in the 3000 block of Kiowa Boulevard. He said one was armed with a gun, the other with a taser as they confronted three people in the apartment, trying to collect from one of them a debt owed to an “associate”. Huss told the Court that one of the victims was tased and that the defendants fled the apartment with cellphones and other valuables. The plea agreement requires that Judge Conn send Miller to prison for ten years at a February 6 sentencing. Ross is expected to enter a similar agreement in the near future.