Prop 123 is just too close to call.  The fate of school funding measure Prop 123 remains in doubt following Tuesday’s election. So far, just a few thousand votes separate the “Yes” votes from the “No” votes.  Pearl Chang Esau, President and CEO of the Prop 123 group, “Expect More Arizona,” is hoping that the lead in

favor of the measure holds up.  She says, “while it’s going to be bittersweet for some people, I think this is the right thing as a long-time education advocate.”  Esau says she expected the vote to be close for a number of reasons because “there’s general distrust of politics right now and it’s a pretty complicated issue to take to the ballot.”  Lawmakers, educators and business leaders support the measure which would bring money to schools from the state land trust and money ordered by the courts. Opponents accuse backers of spreading misinformation, and say the measure bails out the legislature’s failure to properly fund education. 

Kris Dugan