Tempe police have shut down a house of prostitution.  Court documents reveal Patcharin Koibuchi and Erik Dunham have been running a house of ill repute for years.  The prostitutes were smuggled into Arizona from Thailand where Koibuchi has
numerous connections.  The women would be set up in an

apartment and their documentation, including visas, passports and identification would be “held” until their debt for bringing them into the U.S. was paid in full.  Dunham and Koibuchi would then place ads that read, “fulfill your Asian fantasy” for only $250 an hour.  Police raided the apartment and nude women tried to run from the scene. Police were tipped off to the prostitution ring when one suspect was arrested a few years ago. Authorities are unsure on what will happen to the women who were brought to the U.S. from Thailand to be used as sex slaves.  The likelihood of the women being returned to their homeland is unclear. 

Kris Dugan