A crowd of angry protesters marched their way to Phoenix Police headquarters Monday night. It’s the latest demonstration against last Tuesday’s shooting death of 34 year old Rumain Brisbon at the hands of an officer. On the way to headquarters, the group briefly lay down in the street at 1st Avenue between Jefferson and Washington, blocking traffic and impeding the light rail.

The victim’s friend, Brandon Dickerson, was with the unarmed Brisbon the night he died in a struggle with the cop. He said all his buddy was doing was coming home with a bag of food from Mc Donald’s for his children. Dickerson’s focus then turned to the officers, dressed in riot gear and standing in front of the police headquarters entrance, calling them “murderers” and “cowards”.

The invectives intensified as the crowd taunted and hurled profanities at the stoic officers. At one point, one woman shouted to them to look into the face of one of Brisbon’s daughters who was just a few feet away from the law enforcement blockade.

The organizer, Reverend Jarrett Maupin, promises to stage daily traffic disruptions until, he says, “we get justice for Rumain”.

–Barbara Villa