It’s a foregone conclusion Governor Doug Ducey is signing a newly-passed state budget. But that didn’t stop budget opponents from marching down to the State Capitol Monday to demand he veto the controversial nine billion dollar package.

Protesters included a 21 year veteran teacher and North Phoenix mom, who says she’s seen the consequences of cuts too often; speaking on condition of anonymity, she says, as in past years, school districts will have to find creative ways to make up for the gap. She also says the cuts lend further pain to a career that, despite her 21 years of teaching, enables her to make only $10,000 more than someone new to the field.

The anonymous teacher also lambasted the lawmakers in her District 20 for voting for the budget: Representatives Paul Boyer Anthony Kern and Senator Kimberly Yee.

Others decried the upcoming budget’s cuts to health care, indigent food assistance and child care subsidies.

When the gathering began, the protest crowd was noticeably smaller than it had been in the past two weeks before the budget passed last weekend.

–Barbara Villa