Public input is being sought to improve “The Spine,” a section of freeway that carries about 40 percent of freeway traffic in the Phoenix area. “Well the spine is what we call the central nervous system to the entire freeway system.”

Bob Hazlett of the Maricopa Association of Governments spoke on “Arizona Horizon.” MAG is working with the federal government to come up with a master plan for the 35-mile section of I-17/I-10 known as The Spine. He talks about why the study is being done. “But I think the biggest thing we want to do is to keep this as the backbone of the entire transportation system.” Hazlett says officials will consider widening the section of freeway. He says they will also address getting across the freeway on surface streets, and try to make improvements to known bottlenecks on The Spine. Public hearings will start February 25. “We want folks to come these public meetings and give us advice and a shout out to what we should do here.” For more information or to give input online, go to

Mike Sauceda