rabies clinicThe Bullhead City Animal Care & Welfare will conduct a rabies vaccination clinic on Saturday, March 7th from 9 a.m. – 12 noon at the Animal Shelter, located at 2270 Trane Road. Veterinarian Dr. Clifford Wright of the Colorado River Animal Medical Center will vaccinate your dogs and cats from rabies at a discounted price of $15. Animal Care & Welfare Bureau Manager Leah Rojas said it’s not only a state law to get your pets vaccinated against rabies; it’s also a city ordinance. Licenses will also be available to those receiving vaccinations. License fees for altered animals are $10 for 1 year or $20 for 3 years.  Licenses for unaltered pets are $30 for 1 year or $60 for 3 years. Senior citizens may obtain licenses for their altered pets for $3 for 1 year or $6 for 3 years.  License fees to seniors with unaltered pets are $15 for 1 year, $30 for 3 years. All dogs must be on a leash and all cats in a carrier. Owners are also encouraged to bring water for their pets. For more information, call (928) 763-6000.