Thousands of people dressed in all shades of pink hit the pavement for Susan G. Komen’s “Race For The Cure” in Downtown Phoenix Sunday.  Breast cancer survivor Kathi Terrell says she was surprised when several of her friends turned up to the race to run in her honor.  Terrell broke down in tears saying “I

know they’re my friends, but it makes me cry, it’s an honor and I’m thankful that they still care.”  Terrell was 39-years-old when she found a lump in her arm pit that turned out to be Stage 3 cancer.  Her first reaction was to “blow it off” thinking it was just a swollen gland until the lump became red and hard.  A month after initially finding the lump, she went for a mammogram that changed her life forever.  Doctors found four lumps in her left breast and nine cancerous lumps in her lymph nodes under her arm pit.  She “thanks God” she found the lump because it was spreading. 

Terrell believes the this race is all about “awareness.”  Be aware of your body and if something is off, get it checked.  She is flabbergasted when friends tell her they won’t have the mammogram due to its radiation.  As a woman who suffered through radiation treatment, she fires back questioning them…”Really?  Getting burned for six weeks, five days a week is a lot of radiation – I would do ten minutes of a radiated mammogram not to do that again!”  Terrell admits it’s uncomfortable, but “we’re women, get over it!”  Getting a mammogram could save your life.

After four surgeries, six weeks of radiation and six months of Chemotherapy, Terrell has been given a clean bill of health.

Kris Dugan