A racing horse has been euthanized following a catastrophic collision.  spokesman Vince Francia with Turf Paradise says about an eighth into the race after the gates opened, “Brassy Pete” stumbled and fell unseating his rider.  “Gotcha-My-Dear” was following “Brassy Pete” close behind and ended up trampling the horse

 unable to avoid the “Brassy Pete’s” fall.  “Brassy Pete” broke his shoulder and trainers had to put him down.  “Brassy Pete’s” jockey, Renny Arrieta, was hospitalized with minor injuries and has been released.  “Gotcha-My Dear” was fine after the accident and walked back to the stable without issue.  However, his jockey Andrew Ramgeet was thrown from his horse and suffered a neck injury.  He is expected to have a full recovery.

Kris Dugan