Dozens of radio stations and thousands of reporters from
around the world are working in downtown Phoenix, covering Super Bowl week from
“Radio Row” in the Convention Center. 

Former Seattle Seahawk and New England Patriot Chad Brown is working for
KKFN in Denver and he says that, having played for Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick, he believes he knew nothing about any under-inflated footballs but the scandal
is not unreasonable given his record of spying on rival teams.  Karl Bauman is covering Super Bowl XLIX for England’s
Sky Sports TV for the twentieth time this year and he says Brits have loved American
football for a long time now, watching NFL games on his network for years and
going to exhibition games staged in London’s Wembley Stadium.  Bauman says that this latest super bowl in Arizona
shows that no one in the world can put on a show like we do here in America and
his own country’s sorts showmen could learn a lot from us “Yanks”.