ramosThe state failed to convince a local judge that an alleged baby killer should remain in custody without bond. Judge Derek Carlisle set bail at $150,000 during a December 3 hearing in the case against David Ramos, 23. Prosecutor Jacob Cote contended that Ramos should not be allowed out of jail because he represented a danger to the community. Cote argued that a man that kills a helpless 15-month-old boy could be a threat to the safety of others as well. Bullhead City police reported in a news release that Ramos was the only person with Drayson Tese when the infant was fatally injured in October. Tese was rushed to a local hospital and died two days later following transport to another hospital in Las Vegas. At the bond-related hearing Detective Brandon Grasse testified that Ramos told him he accidentally dropped Tese while they were playing. He said Ramos indicated that he squeezed the baby’s abdomen when he fussed after being dropped. The medical examiner concluded that Tese died of blunt force trauma to his liver. Charged with second degree murder and child abuse, Ramos next faces an omnibus hearing January 1.