ng A Phoenix area resident spent about seven months in the Mohave County jail awaiting trial for an alleged rape that his attorney called an act of consensual sex. And 26-year-old Anthony Lackman goes free following his acquittal at trial.

A superior court jury deliberated Friday (Oct. 14) afternoon and Monday (Oct. 17) morning before finding Lackman not guilty of sexual assault and burglary charges.

Lackman was part of a crew that was going door to door, offering to paint street addresses on curbs in Lake Havasu City on the date in question, March 8. The police and prosecutor alleged that Lackman raped a 61-year-old woman who agreed to pay to have her curb painted, only to find him in her house when she retreated to retrieve money.

Defense attorney Robin Puchek countered that the alleged victim willingly had sex with Lackman. He said points in trial in favor of the defense were that Lackman actually painted the woman’s curb and didn’t flee after sex and that an employer testified that Lackman had a history of being respectful to women.