A movement to recall State Schools Superintendent Diane Douglas falls short of signatures. The “Recall Douglas” campaign had to produce 366,000 valid signatures by five p.m. December 30th. Recall Chairman Max Goshert says they were only able to collect about 40,000. But he says he’d

rather dwell on what the group accomplished rather than didn’t, namely educating people on Douglas, and what he says, is her misplaced priorities for education and lack of leadership.

Goshert says volunteers noticed two distinct groups of people as during petition signing drives: one, who knew of Superintendent Douglas and her notoriety who eagerly signed the petitions, and the other who didn’t even know who Douglas was. He says the latter comprised the majority of people approached.

Goshert hopes 2016 won’t generate new controversies involving Douglas. One such headline-maker this year had the Superintendent arguing she had sole power to fire Board of Education employees.

By law, another recall can’t be launched until after the 2018 election, if Douglas runs again and wins. But Goshert says, so far, there are no plans for a second recall attempt.

–Barbara Villa