City Council member Travis Lingenfelter says Kingman officials are disappointed with the performance of Buxton, a consulting firm hired to help the city recruit new business. Lingenfelter told the council during its June 20 meeting that the Economic Development and Marketing Commission is recommending contract termination.

Lingenfelter said Buxton officials failed to represent Kingman as promised during the recent International Council of Shopping Centers event, an annual business prospect recruiting conference opportunity in nearby Las Vegas.

Lingenfelter said Buxton officials failed to arrange and conduct meetings with contacts and prospects, leaving city staff and other members of the Kingman contingent scrambling to fill the void.

“Buxton left our folks high and dry,” Lingenfelter said. He said it is believed that Buxton failed to live up to its responsibilities to the city.

City Manager John Dougherty said Buxton is being paid $60,000 this year and is scheduled to be paid another $50,000 in each of the next two years.

Monica Gates noted that Buxton officials want to make a local presentation on June 28.