Butch For BlogRed Rock Search & Rescue (SAR), based out of Las Vegas, gathered Sunday, March 20, 2016, about 15 miles east of Kingman to conduct a search for the remains of Sid Cranston who has been missing since June 16, 2015.

More than 50 members of Red Rock SAR, from as far away as San Diego and St. George, Utah, along with 19 “civilian” volunteers from Mohave County, were involved in the eight-hour search. It included six teams of K9 cadaver dogs trained to recognize human scent on bones, blood, tissue and even small teeth of deceased victims.

“The cadaver dog teams were comprised of three from San Diego, one from Palmdale, Calif., and two from Las Vegas,” said Red Rock SAR Commander David Cummings.

The focus on the most recent search for Cranston’s remains involved a 15-square-mile radius because of cell phone “pings” and records regarding Cranston’s phone and another individual’s cell phone that was with him the day he went missing.

According to on-site SAR officials, their grid-search area and the teams were broken down into five groups. “This isn’t the first time we have been in this area regarding Sid Cranston,” Cummings said. “We originally visited the search area to conduct an area surveillance and evaluation and then returned with members of our search and rescue unit to conduct a search.”

Cranston, a 40-year-old who was a well-liked and respected Arizona businessman, suddenly went missing in the middle of a work day, June 16, 2015, in Kingman.

The real estate agent and civil engineer owned about 50 properties in Mohave County and had traveled from his current home in Mexico to Kingman for an important meeting scheduled for the day. He also had visited Kingman also show some of his properties that were for sale to a prospective buyer.

Even though the search east of the Hualapai Mountains adjacent to Blake Ranch Road did not produce any results, the SAR unit from Las Vegas and throughout the southwestern U.S., is optimistic.

According to Red Rock SAR officials, they will continue to work with the Cranston family and his friends in hopes of giving closure to them by finding where his remains are located.

Known nationwide as the team that does not quit, Red Rock SAR they are the only team in Southern Nevada that is certified to teach and test to the internationally recognized National Association for Search and Rescue standards.

The Red Rock SAR is an extremely busy unit and Cummings, says they participated in 60 searches, found five bodies and helped solve two cold case murders during 2015.

For further information about Red Rock SAR, contact them at (702) 233 – 9515, visit their website at http://redrocksar.org, call Cummings at (702) 446-2741 or email him at dave@redrocksar.org.