533d41882b983cf93a257a084738f973The Bullhead City River Regatta will move forward for 2015 with a larger investment and input from the Laughlin Tourism Commission (LTC). On Monday, the Bullhead City Council voted unanimously to negotiate a sponsorship agreement with the LTC that will include a number of improvements, designed to not only make the Regatta an even larger success, but to also safeguard the city against future losses. Among the new provisions of the proposed agreement with the LTC is a promise from the casinos in Laughlin to pay up to $60,000 toward any loss experienced by the city as a result of this year’s event. “We feel the event is very important for both sides of the river,” MJ Smith, LTC Executive Director told city council members. “We put huge value on the Regatta and what it brings to town.” Smith and various executives from the casino properties in Laughlin recently met with Mayor Tom Brady and city manager Toby Cotter to discuss their involvement in this year’s River Regatta. Smith characterized the meeting as very productive in so much as the properties wanted to help easy the burden on the city. She said, the LTC didn’t want to leave the city with the feeling that it was “taking money out of the pocket to fill some potholes… and putting it into Regatta.” As such, the casinos agreed to provide some coverage for losses if there are any. “This gives you an insurance policy where the event is not such a burden on you as a city,” Smith added. The offer from Laughlin surprised Brady when he first heard about it. He said that after his meeting with the casino operators, he was not optimistic about the city’s chances of partnering with their sister community on the Nevadaside of the river. He did not think they would come back with any ‘meaningful offer.’ “But when they did, my heart jumped,” Brady said. “They want to be equal partners.” This year’s Bullhead City River Regatta is slated for Aug. 8.