Tucson’s Reid Park Zoo has shut down the camel rides.  Spokeswoman Vivian VanPeenen with Reid Park Zoo says their popular camel rides have been temporarily canceled because one camel is suffering from a bacteria infection. She says, “in the interest of extreme safety at the zoo, we’ve decided to close our

camel rides as the camel goes under treatment.”  The bacteria can be transmitted by insects or contaminated soil or feed, usually through direct contact with mounds or mucous membranes.  So far, only one camel has been infection.  However, all four camels at the zoo have been quarantined from the rest of the animal population as a safety precaution.  Meanwhile, the camel suffering from the bacteria infection is undergoing aggressive anti-biotic treatment.  VanPeenan says the zoo has no way of knowing when the camels will be back up and running. 

Kris Dugan