20151223_135451Relocating Fire Station #2 from its current position at Andy Devine Avenue and Harrison Streets has been in the works for years. Fire Department Chief Jake Rhoades has interest in exploring the possible placement of the station and training center on the east end of the Mohave County Fairgrounds property.

   Rhoades said moving the station north would put it closer to its higher concentration of calls. He said responding off of Harrison Street would also be ideal.

   The possibility was aired during the December 21 Mohave County Board of Supervisors meeting. Rhoades said he wanted to know if the county and the Fairgrounds Association are interested in exploring the possibility of a property donation, land swap, lease, intergovernmental agreement or any other mechanism that might facilitate the concept.

   Fairgrounds Association President Chuck Cox and Fairgrounds Manager James Guillot said they generally support the idea because it would place public safety responders close to concentrations of people at Fairgrounds events. They emphasized, however, they want to be kept in the loop should there be additional consideration between Kingman and Mohave County officials.

   “I think when the city and the county work together on public safety issues it’s a win win for everybody involved,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Jean Bishop. She and supervisor Steve Moss said they support exploratory discussion of the possible partnership.