Arizona Democratic Congressman Raul Grijalva weighs in on the changing race for the Democratic presidential nomination. Grijalva, on Channel 8’s “Arizona Horizon,” says Senator Bernie Sanders has made a splash

“I think Bernie, Senator Sanders, has struck a chord within the American people and certainly on the democratic side of the frustration of the economic issues facing us, income inequality.” He says Hillary Clinton needs to deal with her e-mail controversy. “Hillary, going into October and November, the issues of the e-mail, the issues around the whole situation, have to be clarified, or it becomes a bigger drag on her campaign.” Vice President Joe Biden might enter the race. “And the budding ambition of the vice president at this point wait to be seen but if he gets in we now have a very significant three-way race.” He says no matter who gets the nomination, the party must unify at that point. “What happens in these primaries is that the losers pack up and go home. And the one thing democrats don’t need in this election is to be dis-unified when we get to the general election.” He won’t back a candidate yet. “At this point, this is one representative that’s keeping their powder dry for a little while.”¬†

Mike Sauceda