What has Arizona’s Super Bowl amounted to in dollars and cents for the Grand Canyon state? An Arizona State University study released Tuesday has the answer. Between Arizona hosting the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl, over 121,000 visitors spent their money, generating a gross economic

product of 720 million dollars, becoming the largest economic impact of any special event ever held in Arizona, as well the highest for any Super Bowl for which figures became public.

The 720 million in visitor spending also drummed up an estimated 26 million dollars in tax revenue for Arizona, according to the Seidman Research Institute, which conducted the study with A-S-U’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

Super Bowl Host Committee Chairman David Rousseaux says, “the fact that out-of-town residents spent 720 million dollars during Super Bowl week is validation. We hope to harvest additional returns on that investment over the coming months and years.”

In addition to the 121, 775 visitors in Arizona for the Super Bowl, you had over 5,000 media visitors spending money as well; the media workers also stayed an average of 7 nights, up from the 4 nights lodging they stayed during the 2008 Super Bowl. The stay was longer simply because Arizona had hosted the Pro Bowl the week before.

–Barbara Villa