Police reports out of Flagstaff now
indicate that the four people shot on the NAU campus on October 9th
were legally intoxicated at the time. 
Three of the four victims had marijuana in their systems.  Meanwhile, Steven Jones, the alleged shooter,
 showed no traces of drugs or alcohol on
the night the shootings occurred. 

maintains that he fired at the victims in self defense, and that they had been
chasing him.  Colin Brough, the 20 year
old killed in the shooting, had a blood alcohol level of 0.285, more than three
times the legal limit.  Jones is charged
with first degree murder in Brough’s death. 
He’s also charged with aggravated assault. At least one witness has
corroborated Jones’ claims that he fired in self defense, while others have
contradicted his account.  

–Jeff Scott