With the government due to run out of money at midnight, the House is expected to approve legislation to keep the government funded.  The bill funds everything except Homeland Security through September.  DHS, which would administer the President’s immigration executive order, only gets money through February. 

Republican Matt Salmon says even that is too much.  He says, “We should be standing up and defending the institution and the separation of powers and the Constitution – I have a real problem voting to fund something that I believe is unconstitutional.”  Salmon stresses his decision is not based on ideology, “This president violated the separation of powers and the Constitution by doing what he did – it’s not about the policy.”

Salmon will be joined by Northern Arizona Republican Representative Paul Gosar in protesting Executive Order funding.  He says the President should have known better than to announce the executive action on immigration and Congress should not fund this immigration budget as a results.  He adds, “Here’s a gentleman who is supposedly a Constitutional scholar, who violates us and pits us one against the another instead of joining us together – how sad, how absolutely sad.” Tucson Democrat Raul Grijalva will also vote “No” because it lacks stimulus spending.