RESORTA popular property in the Hualapai Mountains southeast of Kingman is under new ownership but customers won’t notice much in the way of change, at least not initially. Peterson Burge Enterprises added the Hualapai Mountain Resort to its restaurant conglomeration in early August.    Krystal Burge and her brother Mark Peterson started with a Taco Bell store in Kingman in 1982 and built an eatery empire of more than 150 restaurant properties in five states. Many of the businesses are links in the Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Long John Silver’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken chains, but the Resort is one of a handful of full service restaurants that the enterprise includes in its “Fork in the Road” group.    Burge said the lodge, restaurant and park in the Hualapais have a rich tradition and history. “We’re really excited to be part of the mountain family,” Burge said. “It’s a special place and that’s why we watched the operation there over the last three or four years.”  Burge said they pounced on the opportunity to purchase the property upon learning that the previous owners, Ron and Kim Kutil, wanted to cash out and retire. She said most of the employees have been retained and there’s been no menu tinkering as of yet at the rustic restaurant set in the pines. `In the beginning we want to keep everything the same as it has been and we want to be able to find out what our customers in the Hualapais wants and needs are,” Burge said. “As we move into the new year we have some chefs from some of our full service facilities in Prescott at Murphy’s and the Gurley Street Grill and our chef at Mattina’s that are all interested in offering assistance, so we’re going to see some fun, creative things happening.”  Burge said the Resort will continue hosting some arts and crafts fairs and other events that have drawn visitors over the years. She said operating the hotel and RV space components of the property represent a new challenge for a company that has been mostly focused on food service for more than 30 years.