Ex Arizona Diamondback Randy Johnson says, there was a time he couldn’t have imagined playing in the major leagues, let alone entering the Baseball Hall of fame. But induction for the famed pitcher became a reality Tuesday,

and he says he got “goose bumps” and a “feeling I’d never had before in my life” with his new found status.

Johnson, speaking at a Tuesday press conference, says he’s “humbled” and stunned to know he now shares the same honor with those who mentored him and became his friends.

Johnson says he owes his success to quote, “giving it all I had”, because he struggled on the way up and wondered if a this tall, lanky guy like him could make it big in Major League Baseball. As it turned out, his 6’10” frame and 100-m.p.h fast balls made for a formidable combination to intimidate batters.

His advice to players seeking to move up: “It’s there for the taking, but you have to work hard” as he did. Rather than resting on his laurels with his new-found place in the Hall of Fame, Johnson says, he wants to help mentor kids and help them achieve their dreams.

Johnson was pitcher for the D Backs from 1999 to 2004.

–Barbara Villa