Sgt Hoggard Retires2SCENIC, ARIZ.– A retiring Mohave County Sheriff’s sergeant is hoping to become the new constable for the North Canyon Justice Precinct, serving residents living on the Arizona Strip region of Mohave County. Serving those residents will be nothing new to Michael Hoggard, if he is appointed next week by the board of supervisors. He’s been doing it for most of his 23 years with the Sheriff’s office and with the Fredonia Police Department before that. Hoggard officially retires from the sheriff’s office today and that retirement could be as short as five days. On Monday, the board of supervisors, in their first meeting of 2015, is expected to appoint someone to fill the vacancy left by former North Canyon Constable Travis Heaton, who resigned under pressure earlier this month. County supervisors had been hounding Heaton for years to either start following state reporting laws or quit. A state board that oversees constables across the state also found that Heaton had ignored requirements to report his activities monthly to the board of supervisors and had admonished him to attend training next month. He resigned instead. Hoggard is one of three people who have submitted their names for consideration of an appointment next week. In addition to Hoggard, county supervisors will consider applications by Kingman resident Kenneth Kipp andColorado City resident Darrington Jay. Hoggard’s wife, Celia, was a candidate for the constable’s position this year. She ran against Heaton in this year’s primary election in August and lost. Although picking up most of the votes in the Beaver Dam and Littlefield areas, including the town of Scenic, where the Hoggard’s live, she didn’t fair well in the Colorado City and Centennial Park areas on the eastern edge of the precinct. Hoggard is very familiar with that part of the North Canyon precinct. For the past several years, he’s been leading the sheriff’s office patrols through the town of Colorado City in an effort to provide law enforcement services to those residents who can’t or won’t report criminal problems to the embattled Colorado City Marshall’s Office, which has been branded by many in law enforcement circles as a security branch of the FLDS church. Whomever is appointed at Monday’s board of supervisors meeting will serve until 2016 when the position will be placed on the ballot to see who will finish out the final two years of the four-year term.