The African-American community is stunned over word that no charges will be filed against the officer who shot and killed 24-year-old Rumain.  Officer Mark Rine shot and killed suspected drug dealer Rumain last year while investigating a tip that was selling drugs out of his car from his apartment

complex.  Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery says Brisbon’s failure to comply with police commands followed by Brisbon reaching into his waistband during a struggle with Rine put the officer “in reasonable fear for his life.”  NAACP’s Reverend Jarrett Maupin is disappointed with Montgomery’s decision and is going to the top for answers.  Maupin says he is calling on President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder with “the Department of Justice to conduct their own investigation.”

Maupin says he disagrees with Montgomery’s findings in this particular case, “I just don’t know how you shoot an unarmed man in the back and you don’t face some sort of charge, not even manslaughter.”  Records show Brisbon ignored Officer Rine’s commands and then attempted to escape capture by running to an apartment.  The officer and Brisbon ended up in the doorway of one apartment and the two struggled.  Rine says Brisbon went for something in his waistband that he perceived to be a weapon and Rine, fearing for his life, shot Brisbon.

Maupin says an in-depth investigation by the Federal Government will provide answers as to whether Brisbon “was panicked” or “if he couldn’t understand the officer’s command.” Maupin is calling for calm in the community while the case is under consideration.  Maupin stresses “violence is not the answer.”

Kris Dugan