indictment-gx-diane-richards-768x558The prosecution of the former budget analyst accused of stealing more than $1-million from the city of Kingman isn’t going to be concluding anytime soon. Diane Richards was indicted in January and it doesn’t appear the case will reach trial or be resolved by plea agreement by the end of this year.

Defense attorney Adam Zickerman told Judge Billy Sipe during an October 10 hearing that he is still looking for additional city bank records as he works to defend his client.

Zickerman noted he was provided 100 pages of disclosure initially. He said he received 1,000 pages more after brining a motion to compel discovery earlier this year.

Zickerman said he now has more than 10,000 pages of discovery but is still lacking a few documents he has identified and formally requested. Judge Sipe set a November 14 hearing to assess the status of the discovery effort.

Other members of the Arizona Attorney General’s office are involved in the case while assigned prosecutor Michael Powell is on military leave until December.