IMG_4374The City of Bullhead City has created a River Cities Homeless Resource Guide for public safety agencies in an effort to better assist individuals who may be homeless. The pamphlet was distributed to local law enforcement agencies, fire departments, park rangers and other organizations that make regular contact with transients in our area. The pamphlets are not for public distribution, as they are designed for public safety agencies to reference when making contact with the homeless population, such as arranging assistance to help find housing, food, clothing or other social services. It is anticipated that the resource guides will be placed in patrol, fire and park ranger vehicles for use when public safety officials meet an individual in need.  Bullhead City Vice Mayor Jerry Duvall said he has been working with staff on this project over the past few months since discussing the item during council comments at a City Council meeting. He has asked the City Manager and Mayor to hold a City Council workshop in October to discuss additional efforts to assist homeless individuals in the Bullhead City/Laughlin area.

Pictured from R to L: Bullhead City Police Chief Brian Williamson, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Lieutenant John Healy, Bullhead City Assistant Fire Chief Scott Neal, Vice Mayor Jerry Duvall, City Manager Toby Cotter and Recreation Manager Dave Heath gather prior to distribution of the River Cities Homeless Resource Guide.