roadclosureA nighttime (approximately 5:00 pm to 8:00 am) road closure will be in effect for the northbound and southbound lanes of London Bridge Road between Sailing Hawks Drive and North City Limits (at Desert Hills) for shoulder widening and paving work. The road work will require the continued daytime closure of the northbound lane only on London Bridge Road in this area on July 23 and July 24. Only southbound traffic will be able to travel through the construction area during the daylight work on July 23-24. Motorists are encouraged to utilize SR 95 as an alternative route.

Milled material from the Kiowa/Palo Verde Traffic Signal and Roadway Rehabilitation Project will be utilized as a cost savings measure. The milled material will be placed along the eastern edge of London Bridge Road to provide an enhanced roadway shoulder. After the milled material is placed and compacted, Lake Havasu City will treat the shoulder with fog seal/chip seal and restripe the roadway so as to provide a paved shoulder of approximately four feet in width for emergency and multi-modal use.

Thank you for your assistance and as always, please exercise caution when driving through any construction area.

Submitted by  Jerri Bracamonte