road workMonsoon season is in full swing and weather can change suddenly, sometimes resulting in sudden or unexpected flooding. Mohave County Public Works urges drivers to be aware of  weather conditions and forecasts. In instances where County-maintained roads and streets sustain damage from monsoon weather, road maintenance crews will prioritize the repair, restoration, and cleanup of affected roads over some regularly scheduled maintenance activities. In the Arizona Strip, the blade will be active on Canyon Rd. In the Meadview area, storm cleanup and repairs remain the top priority.  If time permits, cold patching will continue on Stockton Hill Rd, Pierce Ferry Rd and White Hills. In the Chloride/Dolan Springs area, storm repair and cleanup will take  place, as time permits shoulder work will continue. Off I-40 east of Kingman, storm repair and cleanup will be ongoing on Hualapai Mountain Rd. and Blake Ranch Rd. Off of Route 66, the
blade will be working on Hackberry Rd. and Antares Rd. In Golden Valley, the focus will be on road repairs due to the recent  storm. In the Mohave Valley area, the focus will be on repairs to Sacramento Wash due the the monsoon storm. Storm cleanup and repair will also take place in the Golden Shores area and Silver Creek Rd. Near Yucca, the blade will be active on Boriana Mine Rd. In the Lake Havasu City area, patching continues in the Desert Hills,  Crystal Beach, Havasu Heights and Horizon 6. Tree trimming maintenance and brush removal will also take place. In the Wikieup area storm repairs and cleanup will be ongoing.