Monsoon season is in full swing and weather can change suddenly, sometimes resulting in sudden or unexpected flooding. Mohave County Public Works urges drivers to be aware of weather conditions and forecasts. In instances where County-maintained roads and streets sustain damage from monsoon weather, road maintenance crews will prioritize the repair, restoration, and cleanup of affected roads over some regularly scheduled maintenance activities.

In the Arizona Strip, crews will be repair areas of Rouch Road.


In the Meadview area, blades will be active on Gregg’s Hideout Rd.

Off Hwy 93, crews will be repairing westbound White Hills Rd. near MP6. NearDolan Springs, a blade will be on First St. from Ash Dr. to Becky Rd.
In the Kingman area, storm cleanup will be focused in the Butler area and in
the residential area east of Castle Rock Rd. Additionally, a blade will be active
in the Cactus Wren area. Off I-40 east of Kingman, a blade will be working on
Blake Ranch Rd. In Valle Vista, crews will be chip sealing Mano Dr. off
Morningside Dr., while farther east off Route 66, a blade will be working on
Antares Rd.


In Golden Valley, the blades will be active in the areas of: NE – Bacobi / Chino
to Burro; NW – Troy / Glen Canyon to Estrella; SE – Redwall / Aztec to Verde; SW  Shinarump / Egar to Guthrie.

In the Mohave Valley area, crews will be mowing shoulders in Perry Acres and
performing storm cleanup and repairs in Golden Shores. The pickup broom will be sweeping roads with curb and gutter in Sun Valley and Cimarron Lakes.
Near Yucca, a blade will be on Boriana Mine Rd..
In the Lake Havasu City area, crews will be completing storm damage cleanup
in Havasu Heights, and repairing shoulders in Horizon 6 and other areas as
In the southeast section of the county, blades will be working in the Wikieup
area, and in the Signal area on Highland Rd. before moving onto Alamo Rd


Submitted by  Karen Thomas