srobThe District 1 Chairman of the Mohave County Republican party is upset with the county attorney’s office. Steve Robinson aired his beef during the April 4 Mohave County Board of Supervisors meeting.

   “Last month I came under the scrutiny of two Mohave County attorneys for alleged election law violations,” Robinson told the Board. He cited letters he received from county attorney Matt Smith and deputy county attorney Bill Ekstrom.
   Smith’s March 8 letter alleged Robinson had gathered election signatures on county property. Ekstrom’s March 8 letter to Robinson was in response to a county employee who complained that Robinson had posted personal information about he and his wife through a social media internet site.
   “It went on to detail facts about my wife and I, our voter registration status and even went on to detail the last time she had voted,” the county employee complaint stated. “We found this very intrusive, intimidating and are upset at the transfer of our personal information via an unsecured site. We worry about identity theft and the possibility of our name and likeness being used in inappropriate ways. Simply put, we feel stalked.”
   Robinson told supervisors that the Ekstrom and Smith letters were full of incorrect facts and legal analysis. He said he is a victim of retaliation from Big Brother.
   “The use of public resources to go after perceived political enemies is a serious matter. There’s been a history of repeated abuse of power in this county that needs to be addressed,” Robinson said. “Honest and patriotic citizens find these actions completely disgusting.”
   Robinson called for an investigation of the matter. County officials did not respond to his comments.