Missing TeenMedia outlets across the region are picking up the story of a runaway teenager from Bullhead City who reportedly escaped captivity last Thursday in north Las Vegas. The 14-year-old runaway was reported missing on November 3.

kimAuthorities and media accounts are consistent in that the girl claims she accepted a ride in Bullhead City, smoked some pot and woke up a captive in north Las Vegas. She has alleged that she was repeatedly sexually assaulted by her captor before she fled when he was gone after using scissors to unlock a door.

Information the girl provided police led to the arrest of Jimmy Carter Kim on the same day that she escaped. The 26-year-old Kim initially faces 20 criminal counts, including multiple kidnapping and sex offense charges.

The victim was returned home to Bullhead City last Saturday. North Las Vegas police said their investigation, including the possibility of an additional victim, continues.