A Salt River Police Officer has been arrested for sexually abusing a woman who was the subject of a criminal investigation.  Sergeant Ben Hoster with Scottsdale police says 45-year-old Officer Jay Hun Wu provided the woman a courtesy ride home, but did not stop at her residence.  Once they reached the woman’s home, Wu kept driving through the neighborhood despite the victim’s

repeated attempts at telling him to pull over anywhere and let her out.  Officer Wu finally pulled over on a street next to a residential wall.  Wu parked the car and blocked the woman from getting out of the back of the patrol car.  He told her that he needed to pat her down and then proceeded to sexually abuse the victim under her clothing.  After molesting her, Wu gave her his business card and told her to call him if she needed anything.  The victim immediately told her family who contacted police.  Wu is facing charges of Kidnapping, Sexual Abuse, Unlawful Sexual Conduct of a Peace Officer, Assault, and Tampering with Physical Evidence.


Kris Dugan