Following his October 2 acquittal on a first degree murder charge in Mohave County Superior Court, Chase Salveson hoped his bond would be lowered to a point where he could possibly get out of jail. The problem is that he still faces the conspiracy to commit murder charge for which the the same jury could not reach a unanimous decision.

Defense attorney Virgina Crews pleaded for a minimal bond for Salveson during an October 21 hearing to review his jail release conditions. Mohave County Superior Court Judge Steve Conn said Salveson represents some risk of flight because
of a possible lengthy prison sentence if convicted of the remaining charge.

Salveson, 44, had been held without bond in the Mohave County jail. Judge Conn lowered his bond to $100,000 but Crews said her client and supporters have insufficient resources to secure his release.

Crews and prosecutor Megan McCoy continue plea negotiations that could resolve the case short of a second trial. Salveson is implicated in the 2011 multiple stabbing death of 36-year-old Ray Sanchez.