indSALVESONA local judge has rejected a plea agreement that would have resolved the case against a Bullhead City man who was recently acquitted of a grisly homicide. A Mohave County Superior Court jury, during an October trial, decided that the state did not have enough evidence to convict Chase Salveson, 44, of stabbing Raymond Sanchez 84 times in Bullhead City in August, 2011.

The murder charge disappeared with the not guilty verdict. The jury, however, voted either 11-1 or 10-2 in support of conviction for conspiracy to commit murder.

The state was willing to dismiss that count in exchange for an abandonment of dead body conviction in a plea agreement that would have sent Salveson to prison for roughly six months because he’s already spent more than two years in jail.

As expected, family members of the victim strenuously protested the plea agreement during a December 4 hearing. Officials with the county attorneys office have explained that they opted for the deal after weighing problems with one or more witnesses as well as the amount of resources needed to commit to a second trial.

Superior Court Judge Steve Conn rejected the plea agreement. Judge Conn scheduled a January 19 hearing, leading to a second trial for Salveson on February 2.