The Kingman man who provided key information helping solve the Sid Cranston case is being prosecuted for his admitted involvement in the burial of the victim. Court records reveal that Bill Sanders, 54, told authorities where Cranston’s remains could be located after he failed a polygraph examination conducted by FBI agent Brian Fuller on January 6.

“During the follow up interview Sanders disclosed that Al Blanco had shot Sidney Cranston with a shot gun inside the residence at Wilson Ranch Road…and had buried the body inside a grave behind the light tan shed/barn near the residence,” stated a probable cause affidavit prepared by Kingman Police Department detective Dennis Gilbert.

Sanders reportedly led detectives to the location where Cranston’s body was recovered on January 7. This was on the Bishop ranch, about 20 miles east of Kingman.

Gilbert’s investigation report indicated that Sanders told him that he drove out to the ranch after Blanco asked for his help picking up a trailer. The 61-year-old Blanco reportedly showed Sanders Cranston’s body, leaning up against a wall inside a smaller home on the large ranch.

Gilbert’s report said Sanders told him that Blanco claimed he shot Cranston on accident when they were dealing with a rattlesnake inside the wall of the home. The report said the large hole where Cranston would be buried was already dug when he arrived on the property after lunch in late June, 2015.

Gilbert said Sanders said he helped put the victim into the bucket of a backhoe before Blanco drove to the hole, and dropped the body into the hole and filled it with dirt before driving the equipment back and forth over the burial site.

Sanders was indicted by a grand jury on January 26 for concealing a dead body and tampering with physical evidence. He’ll be arraigned before Judge Billy Sipe on February 9.

Blanco faces the same charges, plus first degree murder. Blanco is held without bond pending his next court appearance on February 27.