molinaThe chilling brutality of a Fort Mohave man’s attack of his girlfriend permeated and punctuated an August 22 sentencing hearing at the Mohave County Courthouse. Superior Court Judge Rick Williams imposed a 15 year prison term for Julian Molina, the maximum punishment under terms of a plea agreement convicting him of burglary and aggravated assault.   “You are a savage and you deserve to be put in a cage,” Judge Williams told Molina. Though he has been involved in a half dozen death penalty cases and dozens of murder cases over his career as attorney and Judge, Williams said Molina’s attack upon the 22-year-old victim was disturbingly egregious and bordered upon evil.  “This was one of the worst crime scenes I have ever seen,” Williams said of the bedroom where Molina stabbed his girlfriend in the presence of their two year-old daughter and seven month-old son. “It was a bloody, horrific mess.”   The victim had asked Molina to move out of their apartment a few days before he returned to break in just before 2:00 a.m. Prosecutor Rod Albright played the tape of her 911 call to police during the sentencing hearing.    The victim is heard begging for police to hurry as Molina is trying to get into the apartment. She retreats to her children’s bedroom where she assumes a sitting position, pushing her back up against the door, attempting to block Molina’s entry.   Blood curdling screams can be heard on the 911 call as Molina breaks the door over the top of the victim and begins stabbing her in the head with a butcher knife. She testified that she didn’t know she was being stabbed until she saw that her arm was sliced open as she tried to defend herself and that Molina’s bite to her cheek hurt the most.  “That was the worst pain. It was worse than being stabbed,” she said. “I was able to elbow him in the face and he fell over the doorway,” she testified. “I hurt him somehow and he took off.”  The woman testified that she thought she was going to die and that her sole concern was trying to get help and locate someone to look after her kids. She said she no one answered her knock on one door and that she was trying to find another neighbor before she tumbled down some stairs. “My legs gave out,” she said. “I couldn’t move anymore.”  Police arrived and the victim was transported to hospitals where she was treated for permanent disfiguring injuries. She told the Court that she constantly gets questions about scars she tries to hide and that she is embarrassed that some partial paralysis in the area of her mouth leaves her unable to smile. “I’m not happy. I don’t joke. I don’t make friends. I don’t go out,” she lamented. She said she waited two months after the attack before she shared the company of her traumatized daughter. `I looked like Frankenstein and I was too scared to let her see me,” she testified. 
The victim’s mother told the Court that her grandchild withdrew after the assault, and that like her mother, she lost her smile. The victim said her daughter’s smile returned upon their reunion. `I told her that dada was gone and that he couldn’t hurt me,” she said. “And she smiled and gave me kisses.”