surveyThe Bullhead City Elementary and Colorado River Union High School Districts are asking for community input via an online survey regarding the future direction of activity fees for sports, academic programs, service clubs and other extracurricular activities.   For several years the districts have encouraged parents and guardians to participate in Arizona’s voluntary Extracurricular Tax Credit program as a way to waive individual activity fees.

“There has been some confusion between the Extracurricular Tax Credit program and sports/activity fees at each of the schools,” said Superintendent Riley Frei.  “There are no tax benefits if a parent currently pays a $50 fee per student per sport.  But if a parent, guardian, family member or friend contributes an Extracurricular Tax Credit designating the activity, the student does not have to pay the fee, and the contributors get money back on their tax returns.”

The Arizona Extracurricular Tax Credit program is $200 for those filing individually and $400 for couples filing jointly.  The tax credit can also be submitted by relatives or friends living out of state and may be deductible on federal tax returns.

Although the sports fees for both districts in the Colorado River Schools has been $50, at least one Mohave County school district has raised activity fees to $800 as a way to encourage people to use the Extracurricular Tax Credit.

Both the elementary and high school district school boards will evaluate the current fee structure and will use the community input.  The anonymous short survey is on the Districts’ website,, and may also be accessed at .


Participants will be asked their opinions about reasonable fee structures, voluntary vs. mandatory participation in the Extracurricular Tax Credit program for sports and other activities, and hardship waivers.