schusterLake Havasu City republican Doug Schuster is the latest prospective candidate to enter the race for Mohave County sheriff. The 36-year Havasu resident spent 26 years in the sheriff’s office before retiring in May of this year at the rank of sergeant.
   “It was not my intent to run for sheriff and probably within a month of retiring I started realizing that I had an obligation to myself. I will tell you that when I retired I was not overly pleased with the decisions and the lack of decisions that are being made at the sheriff’s office and I felt it was time to get away from it,” Schuster said. “Over the past several months, in talking with my family, and going back and forth, and getting so much support from the community from people asking me to run for this position, I realized now I would be in a position to make a positive change to lead the department in a better direction and that’s why I decided to put my name in the running.”
   Schuster said citizen relationships with law enforcement agencies are fractured all across America.
   “The first thing we need to do is fix the relationship between the sheriff’s office and the public. You see this on a national level. It is disheartening for me. There’s a serious disconnect and we need to correct that,” Schuster said. “We need to get the folks in Mohave County to understand that we’re all a team. We’re all here for the same mission…People want to feel safe and secure in their homes and they need to have trust in the law enforcement that is sworn to protect them.”
   Schuster joins a list of sheriff’s seat seakers that includes Joe Archie, Cori Merryman, John Gillette and Ed Jones. Schuster said his longevity in the sheriff’s office gives him more experience and knowledge of the workings of the department and its relationships with others.
   “I have done everything imaginable within the sheriff’s office from arresting bank robbers to shootouts. I’ve run the full gamut. The experience level is very high,” Schuster said. “I was a supervisor for the sheriff’s office for close to 20 years. I know how to deal with people and I get a good response because I believe in leading by example.”
   Schuster was twice named Watercraft Officer of the year in the state of Arizona and he was named the National Boating Safety Officer of the year in 2010. He said he’ll quietly cruise through the holidays and begin campaigning in earnest at the start of the new year.
   Schuster said anyone interested can reach him by phone (928-486-7836) or by email (
   “I’m going to run on my own merit. I really believe that once the people get to know me I will be the right choice. I will be the next sheriff,” Schuster said. “I really want to thank those who have already come out in droves for their support.”