The search continues for a group of men who broke into a Glendale home last Friday, making off with 11 rifles and a load of ammo. Glendale Police Sergeant David Vidaure says the homeowner was away when the four men burglarized the home December 5th and drove off in a black car

parked outside the victim’s home. The whole escapade was captured on the home surveillance video.

The homeowner posted video online before making a copy of it to police. But Vidaure says that wasn’t the best thing to do for a variety of reasons: with documented evidence against them, the bad guys have an opportunity to get rid of the stolen weapons before police can find them. It also weakens the ability for police to surprise them, and the crooks can use the information to target the victim again.

If you have any information that can help solve this case, Glendale Police are asking you to call them or 480-WITNESS.

–Barbara Villa