Secretary of State Michele Reagan certifies results from Arizona’s Presidential Preference election Monday afternoon, even as the Justice Department begins investigating the debacle in Maricopa County. In light of the county’s powder keg situation, Reagan notes that as of now, her role is strictly administrative, and therefore, cannot legally delay or reject the canvass.

Maricopa County’s troubled election ushered in enormous, long lines and waits taking several hours to cast a ballot. Sizable numbers of elderly and disabled say they gave up and went home because standing in line was too physically demanding.

If you want to sue over the results, she says, you have to file by the end of the business day Friday evening. Reagan invites disgruntled voters to get on the AZ Secretary of State website and enter “my elections story” in the search box. The first public hearings to air complaints will be held next week in Maryvale and in Central Phoenix at the Church of the Beatitudes. Reagan reiterates her vow to get to the bottom of the failures that kept too many people from voting, and emphasized this was not her vision for the first Presidential election on her watch. “You don’t spend 6 or 7 months running around the state trying to register new people and trying to get them excited about an upcoming election, only to see them feel completely left out of the process,”Reagan lamented.

Out of over two million registered Arizona voters, 52% of them got their ballots counted for the P-P-E. They include over 468-thousand Democrats, almost 626-thousand Republicans and 880 Green Party voters.

–Barbara Villa