U.S. Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona says the Republican party must distance itself from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Flake made his comments on CNN’s “State of the Union.

“Well I’ve said that I think Republicans do need to distance themselves from Donald Trump. I’m not suggesting that John McCain has to do that. He’s running a smart campaign and he has broad and deep support here.” Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made a speech where she accused Trump of making racist appeals to the electorate. “Well I’ve been saying that long before Hillary Clinton was talking about it. I think a lot of us have been. I think that’s the problem that we have.” If Hillary Clinton does win the election, Flake says he would like senate majority leader Mitch McConnell to bring up supreme court nominee Merrick Garland for a vote. “I would like him to bring him up. I think the principal ought to be for Republicans to confirm the most conservative jurist that we’re able to confirm. And if we do lose the election I think we ought to move swiftly to confirm Merrick Garland.” 

Mike Sauceda