The Maricopa County Republican Party passed a resolution Saturday to support anyone but Senator John McCain as he runs for re-election. McCain supporter Alberto Gutier was at the meeting and says it got nasty.

.”They have a right to be heard. The other people that are running against John McCain have a right to be heard and that’s fine as long as they don’t use the nastiness that I saw.”  Those from the party’s far-right wing called others supporting McCain RINOs, or Republicans in name only. Part of the reason for the resolution was because of McCain’s past support for immigration reform. McCain eventually did tack further to the right on the issue. “Yes there’s gotta be some kind of immigration reform and it has to be something but as long as it has no path to citizenship. That’s my own position myself.” During the meeting, a sheet was passed out with locations McCain cold retire to if he loses the election. One choice was Vietnam, a country where McCain was held as a prisoner of war. “Have people forgot that’s where he spent all those years. My God he’s a war hero.” 

Mike Sauceda