A state lawmaker turns her experience over last month’s elections mess into legislation. Senator Kimberly Yee’s proposal would require opening one voting location for every 17-hundred voters in the Presidential Preference Election. The Phoenix Republican says it’s geared for areas with at least

one million registered voters, such as Maricopa county, who are not on the mail-in list.

Yee can easily relate to the many frustrated voters in the March P-P-E. “I had the opportunity of waiting five and a half hours to vote,” she says. “ and I did not cast my ballot until 12:20 in the morning.”

Yee says the plan would generate a minimum of 200 voting locations serving Maricopa county. Phoenix Democrat Martin Quezada says the proposal is well intended. But he adds, an equal distribution of polls is no guarantee it will be an equitable one, particularly in lower income areas like his.

Yee’s amendment is attached to a bill making political sign tampering punishable with jail time. It passed the Senate on initial approval and now awaits a formal vote.

–Barbara Villa