The Guns in Public Buildings issue is shot down for another year in the State Legislature. The Senate killed H-B 2320 Monday afternoon, which would’ve allowed Concealed Carry permitted gun owners to bring their weapons into

places like libraries and stadiums. Senate Republican Debbie Lesko, a “yes” vote, laments the outcome, saying she would feel more safe knowing law-abiding citizens who’ve been background checked were armed, as opposed to a criminal sneaking their gun into a building and ignoring the posted “no-guns-allowed” signs.

But H-B 2320 opponents argue the security costs to keep all weapons out of buildings would’ve been staggering. They also say armed “good guys” taking on criminals will only lead to chaos and confusion as police arrive at the scene of a disturbance.

A tentative roll call vote came up short on the votes needed to hold a formal vote. In past years, ex Governor Jan Brewer vetoed similar legislation.

–Barbara Villa