Arizona Senator John McCain
is condemning President Obama’ s lack of leadership in the fight against ISIS
in the wake of Kayla Mueller’s death in Syria. McCain says that ISIS is winning
and without a coherent strategy for victory… we won’t.   McCain says that the President is “either in
denial or delusion” about the threat ISIS presents to us and that his own failure
to personally secure Mueller s release is one of the saddest episodes in his

McCain says that we need more
boots on the ground to help local troops fight ISIS better.  In Ukraine, McCain is also seeing parallels
between the Minsk cease-fire’s concessions, giving Russia Crimea and autonomy
to eastern Ukraine, to those made to the Nazis in the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia
at Munich in 1938.  McCain emphasizes
that the Minsk cease-fire will not lead to World War Three but it will escalate
the conflict.  McCain also blasted what
he calls President Obama’s lack of leadership on Ukraine, saying he somehow
thinks that “blankets and MRE’s” do well against Russian tanks.